September 29, 2023

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The Ukrainian oligarchy was found dead in the mansion of England

The circumstances of the president’s death did not appear to be suspicious, but officials said it was “unexplained”. (Credit: Reproduction / Social Media)

Police said on Thursday that an investigation was underway following the death of a Ukrainian oligarch at his British mansion earlier this week. Michael Watford, 66, was pronounced dead at his home outside London on Monday afternoon after being called by authorities.

The President of Ukraine has asked Russia to stop fighting at the nuclear plant

The circumstances of the president’s death did not appear to be suspicious, but officials said it was “unexplained”. The newspaper reports that the father of three children – who made his fortune in oil and gas after the end of the Soviet Union – was found hanging in his garage. The sun.

Close people and friends raised questions to the media at the time of his death, especially after the assassination attempt on former Russian double agent Sergei Skribal on British soil. “His mood may have been affected by the situation in Ukraine,” said a family friend. “The time of his death and the invasion of Ukraine was certainly not a coincidence.”

Another unnamed person said: “After all the suspicious deaths of Russian citizens and allies in the UK, speculation about his death is natural.”

Watford was born Mikhail Tolstosheya in Ukraine, but changed his family name after emigrating to the UK. According to a 2015 Sunday Times profile, he has been living at Surrey House with his Estonian wife Jane since emigrating from London.

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