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Sessão de Lady Gaga no Today at Apple

Today Apple is returning to face-to-face format in the United States [atualizado: Brasil também]

Apple I have already been warned Its retail staff, but now here is the confirmation: face-to-face sessions starting next week Today at Apple The company’s stores in the United States will again be in full swing.

On one The report was released todayApple celebrated that the return will take place in full Women’s Historical Month. To mark the occasion, Maçã will hold sessions with musicians and musicians – participants will use GarageBand to remix music. “Independent Woman”In Lady Gaga; At the end of each session, participants can share their work. This is the link to register.

Apparently, the sessions Today at Apple Not limited to music themes: Artists, creative professionals and technologists from across the globe explore various aspects of Apple’s ecosystem, using participants’ products and services to learn and explore topics such as photography, language programming, visual arts, film and more.

For the past two years, Sessions Today at Apple Were carried remotely almost all over the world – Some places From China And From Europe It returned to direct form last year, and now the United States is back. It remains to be seen when the two stores in Brazil will recall these events.

Update03/03/2022 at 15:05

We don’t have to wait any longer to find out anything: today Apple’s face-to-face sessions have resumed in Brazil as well. Apple cider (In Sவோo Paulo) and inside Apple Village Mall (In Rio de Janeiro). Both sides already have a calendar of live sessions, with the possibility of booking your presence at desired events.

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In the case of the RJ Store, in particular, visitors can enjoy Remix The Lady Gaga song quoted above – There will be sessions throughout the next week, And at other times may be until the end of the month. Enjoy!