December 5, 2023

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The United Nations announces the second civilian withdrawal from Mariupol |  Globalism

The United Nations announces the second civilian withdrawal from Mariupol | Globalism

Secretary-General of the United Nations (United nations), Antonio Guterres, that civilians are being evacuated from the Azovstal mineral complex in Mariupol, UkraineThis Thursday (5). This is the second wave of the population who managed to leave the city, the first wave overrun by Russian troops.

Azovstal, however, is the only point that Ukraine It still controls the city and includes the rest of Kyiv’s forces as well as hundreds of residents.

To facilitate the exit, Russia said it would establish a ceasefire to evacuate civilians throughout the day.

As we speak, a second evacuation is underway, a second convoy United nations The ICRC is looking for civilians in the city of Mariupol.”

Previously, Russia said a three-day truce in the Azovstal region would come into effect on Thursday.

The confrontation at the Mariupol Steel Plant increasingly fierce

However, on Wednesday (4) Ukraine claimed that Russian forces in the city had invaded the Azovstal complex and bombed part of the site.. When Russia announced the invasion of Mariupol two weeks ago, President Vladimir Putin assured that his soldiers would not invade Azovstal and would ensure the safety of Ukrainian soldiers and civilians inside the compound.

Difficult negotiations with Russia

In an interview, Guterres also talked about the difficult negotiations with Russian President Vladimir Putin, on April 26, in Moscow.

“I spoke to him strongly and passionately about the need to evacuate civilians from the Mariupol plant. At the end of our conversation, this allowed President Putin to promise to think about this issue. A few minutes later, his foreign minister told me that he had an agreement in principle.