May 25, 2024

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Thiago Piccolo wins the Fire Trial and sends his rivals to Baia TV News

Thiago Piccolo wins the Fire Trial and sends his rivals to Baia TV News

Thiago Picuelo He won the fire trial Farm 2021 It will affect the next farm formation path in the reality show. This Sunday (17), the pawn passed MC GuiAnd Erasmus VianaAnd Solange Gomez NS Valentina Francavilla in dispute and He returned to the headquarters with the lamp of power. The defeated will sleep in the Gulf for the next few days.

This week, users of the TikTok app decided that the owner of an app red flame power You will have to Undo the five pawns vote. The power of the yellow flame is still hidden and will only be revealed to the public during the formation of the park on Tuesday (19).

Piquilo will have access to both powers, and he will choose which one he wants to stay with and also the recipient of the remaining flame. Depending on the strategy used, the lamp owner will cause a turnaround in a hot spot this week.

Due to the defeat in the competition, Bikello’s competitors became residents of Baia. They are in danger of being part of the farm lineup this week in the reality series for the record.

Na Mira Di Diane Melo, farmer of the week, names like Arcrebian Araújo, the Bil, NS gui arugu.

Check out some excerpts from the test:

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