July 18, 2024

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Poliana Abreta talks about the partnership with Mago Coutinho

Poliana Abreta talks about the partnership with Mago Coutinho

Presenter Poliana Abreta, 46, celebrates the future partnership with Mago Coutinho in “Fantastic” (Globe). As Tado Schmidt passed away to me “BBBMago will take over Sunday duties as a partner for Polyana.

“It’s very good You are Receive news that you will work with Somebody who – which is yoursSee, wonder. And I said at the time: “Oh my God, my life partner is a woman WonderfulPolyana said in her participation in “Altas Horus” today.


You have This narrow in the heart, there is no way, but on the other hand, look ahead and see that I will get Before woman Wonderful, NS a path dambrain… Aside from the fact that we are two women. A huge achievement.” Poliana Abrita

Polyana also spoke about her years of partnership with Tado Schmidt – who is also her neighbour. Presenter Serginio Groysman asked her her reaction to the news of the presenter’s departure.

“TEve Laugh, cry, cuddle. I’m so happy for him because He is very happy, but when same Time says goodbye to a great partner Yes with me There is 7 years. I have known Tadeu since I was 18 years old. It’s a lot of history.”

“We exchange affection, sugar and eggs,” Pollyana joked.

Presenter Serginio Grosman told her about her Sunday presentation routine. Polyana said that sometimes she starts work at 2 pm and sometimes at 5 pm, and based on this, she determines what time she will get up.

“There are Sundays when I get up from work at 2:00 in the afternoon and another at 5:00 in the evening. When I arrive early, I work out, have lunch, run to the TV and stay until the night. When I arrive at 5:00 pm, I wake up later, taking the kids for a swim in sea ​​and then I go to work more quietly.”

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