October 4, 2023

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Transfers from LATAM Pass back to ALL with better conversion

Transfer points Latam Corridor to ALL – Accor Live Limitless I got up and running again and with good news – a new conversion factor!

Accor is the largest hotel chain in Europe and the sixth largest hotel chain in the world. The company owns more than 4,800 hotels in nearly 100 countries around the world and operates brands such as Mercure, Novotel, Ibis, Pullman and others. In 2019, the company launched a new loyalty program, ALL Accor Live Limitless. In Brazil, the program has a partnership with some national loyalty programs such as TudoAzul, LATAM Pass and Livelo.

How was the partnership with LATAM Pass?

Previously, the transfer fees between companies were as follows:

Note that to get 2,000 ALL points, you’ll need 11,360 LATAM Pass points.

How was the partnership with LATAM Pass?

Now the percentage has improved, and to generate 2000 ALL points, you need 8000 LATAM Pass points.

The ratio is now 4 LATAM Pass points to 1 ALL point and Now available online.

What about other ALL partners in Brazil?

See the conversion rate of other programs to all:


  • 2.5 Livelo points for 1 rewards point;


  • 6000 Smiles Miles (Club and Diamond) 7000 Smiles Miles (other customers) for 1,000 reward points;

all blue

  • 8000 TudoAzul points for 1,000 rewards points (Clube, Diamante, Itaucard) or 10,000 TudoAzul points for 1,000 rewards points (other customers).


Although the exchange has been on hold for some time, it is now back with an even better conversion. The ball is inside the program!

Will any reader do the transfer?

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to carry out the transaction Access to the LATAM Pass website.