July 20, 2024

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Truck loaded with stolen RTX graphics cards in the US

Truck loaded with stolen RTX graphics cards in the US

scarcity Chips It made getting graphics cards an almost impossible task. and some criminals I decided to make the situation worse. According to Jacob Freeman, EVGA Product Manager, thieves stole a truck full of EVGA RTX 30-Series graphics cards and escaped with it.

According to Freeman, at the time of the theft, video cards were traveling from San Francisco to United States of Americato EVGA’s Southern California distribution center. It is not yet known how many people were affected by the theft of the piece.

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Image caption (Photo: Disclosure/Nvidia)

The company published a statement stating that it is illegal to “purchase or receive” stolen goods, as well as to “hide, sell, retain or assist in concealment of the sale or retention” of such property. EVGA also states that it “will not record or honor any warranty or upgrade claim” on stolen cards.

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Unpublished case? impossible. In 2020, about $340,000 (about 1.8 million R$) of GeForce RTX 3090s graphics cards were stolen from the MSI factory in China. With prices rising due to scarcity, equipment has become one of the main targets of thieves.

Certainly, Nvidia is already working with the next generation of graphics cards from the GeForce RTX line, but the American brand may release a new variant of its more powerful model before moving to the RTX 40 series, to bring the RTX 3090 Ti to market according to the latest rumors, it should The GPU model brings a new connector and consumes about 30% more power than the source.

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When Nvidia launched the GeForce RTX 3090 in September of last year, it showed the world a quieter, more powerful GPU, while opening a new ceiling for desktop power consumption. The model has a 350W TDP, which should be surpassed later this year with a potential of 3090 Ti and 450W.

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