June 23, 2024

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WhatsApp testing a new format for sharing group photos in the app

once again The WhatsApp Testing new functionality within the platform. The goal is to “redirect” the photos to the contacts in the app.

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The tool under test will be able to easily route media to multiple contacts at once. The procedure is not the same for normal sending or file forwarding list.

The new tool will allow you to send images to different contacts on WhatsApp

The information was published by the WABetaInfo messenger website. The novelty was seen in the beta version of WhatsApp. This version is exclusively for testing by different users around the world. In other words, the tool is not available for wide use by all contacts registered on the platform.

According to the specialized website, the feature will work as soon as the photo or video clip is taken on the device. Therefore, it is necessary to capture through the conversation on WhatsApp. Thus, the user will have a new choice option to share the photos. It will be possible to select multiple recipients from among the contacts registered for this profile.

Then, just tap on the name of the contact, contacts, or group you want to share. The Send Media icon will appear at the bottom of the page. Well, sharing will be faster, more convenient and intuitive. The app acts as an “extra” when sharing data, photos, and videos. The user will not be limited to just a traditional redirect or broadcast list.

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Easier and more practical procedure

The profile’s contact list will open and allow you to select multiple recipients. At the moment, as indicated, no one on WhatsApp can access the tool. You must be enabled as a beta user in the beta version of the messenger. In addition to this new feature, there are many other resources available to analyze and test it. This procedure corrects potential flaws and errors, as well as improves new tools.