May 18, 2024

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Uber libera pagamentos de corridas via Pix para todo o país

Uber launches Pix ride payments nationwide

Last Tuesday (24), a new payment option was launched for Uber users, who can now pay for their rides via Pix directly through the app. The platform already offers other payment methods, such as credit cards and Discount, PayPal, Gift Card and Cash.

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Testing of the new payment feature began in November 2021, initially in Curitiba and Recife. Since then, it has been gradually launched in other regions of the country. Currently, most users already have the new payment method in their apps.

If the user has not yet launched the functionality, they will have to wait a little longer, because according to Uber, at some point in the first weeks of June, payment via Pix will be released to everyone.

More security

The new functionality provides users with more financial flexibility, as well as increased security when paying for rides, as there is less chance for users to transfer wrong amounts or fall into fraud, as payments are made directly on the platform.

It is worth noting that the user, since 2020, can already enter balances into the Uber Cash wallet via Pix, as soon as the central bank launches the payment system. However, now it is different, it is possible to use the balance of bank accounts to pay the races in a simpler way.

How do you pay for an Uber ride with Pix?

When requesting a ride, the user must choose pixel as a means of payment. When charging, the application itself will create a file random code. In this way, the user must copy the code and paste it into any banking application or financial platform where transactions can be made via Pix.

After payment is confirmed, Uber will designate a driver partner to pick up the ride. If the race is canceled or the destination is changed, the company will refund the amount within three hours directly to the user’s bank account.

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