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Ubisoft mocks sluggish Far Cry 6 players via email

Ubisoft mocks sluggish Far Cry 6 players via email

Notifications are sent as if by El Presidente himself.

a Ubisoft Usually Send emails explaining your progress in Games Studio. but with Far Cry 6If, for example, you BoringAnd Anton Castillo, the villain of the game Played by actor Giancarlo Esposito, “Get in touch with youVia email, he thanks the player for facilitating his government’s progress in Yarra.

“It was fun to see him fail” is one of the phrases of the ruler of the island on which Far Cry 6 takes place.You can definitely do better than that“.

“Many games are already terribly designed to drive engagement, but now they’re emailing and pissing you off if you dare stop playing them,” Game Industry Editor Brendan Sinclair said on Twitter. The email address is very catchy: “you disappoint meAnd the player’s name.

– Continues after announcement –

On the other hand, if you are constantly playing and progressing in the story, a An email with a tone different from the tone shown before it was sent. “You took from me two territories, the guerrilla. But I will return them all. I will take you out of history. No one will know your name – El Presidente.”

Another tweet also shows, a different email that says: “Congratulations. You think you took something from me. You have to understand, this island runs through my veins. I’m Yara – El President.” This email was sent after the player captured 7 checkpoints.

Ubisoft told Eurogamer That “emails sent to Far Cry 6 players are intended to be a fun and clever way to remind people to return to Yara and are written as if by El Presidente himself.” The developer said Chorizo, the sausage puppy, is also missing the player, noting that emails should be sent about him as well.

– Continues after announcement –

I’m playing Far Cry 6 at the moment, but I haven’t made enough progress and haven’t stood long enough to receive these emails. Did you get any of them? Tell us.

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via: Eurogamer

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