May 25, 2024

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UK and German supermarkets boycott Russian vodka after Ukraine invasion |  The world

UK and German supermarkets boycott Russian vodka after Ukraine invasion | The world

From vodka to toothpaste, many supermarket chains Germany Has decided to ban items imported from RussiaAs a sign of unity with Ukraine. The same movement is found in the United Kingdom, where supermarket chains collectively decided to boycott the popular Russian drink, in retaliation for the invasion of Ukrainian territory.

“In response to the ongoing invasion Ukraine As a sign of solidarity with the Russian forces and the Ukrainian people, we have decided to withdraw the manufactured vodka. Russia Sales, ”the supermarket chain co-op said in a statement on Friday.

The Russian standard brand will be “explicitly sold in Russian and manufactured there” will be withdrawn from sales “with immediate effect”, while the Polish alternative will be sold in our stores instead, the supermarket said. Request for donations in their stores on Thursday (3) to send aid to displaced Ukrainians.

Morrisons supermarkets have decided to stop buying vodka brands Russia The company also said it will stop selling them online but will continue to sell them on shelves.

The Marks & Spencer chain on Thursday said it had suspended exports of the products Russia Through its Turkish claim, it said it would “do everything possible to support the Ukrainian people and respond to the growing refugee crisis.”

The actions of British supermarkets follow the recent announcements of Russian vodka withdrawals in Finland and Sweden, as well as some German supermarkets that have decided to ban products imported from the UK. Russia.

At GermanyIgnoring products of Russian descent

The central purchasing unit of the Rewe supermarket chain and its low-cost subsidiary, Penny, no longer order manufactured food. Russia, Said the Cologne-based group. The joint statement from the companies added that the existing shares could still be sold or made available to food banks.

Leading food company Germany, Edeka said it “supports all sanctions initiated by the European Union and the German government.” However, due to their cooperative structure, individual stores can still supply Russian products locally. But the chain’s independent retailers “were asked to review their personal product lines and refrain from purchasing. Russia“.

Low-cost chain Neto, owned by Danish group Saling, ceases to sell Russian products Germany And in other European countries, its parent company said Monday. The boycott is about 20 items ranging from vodka to chocolate and toothpaste. The group participates in humanitarian efforts through funding and donations.