February 25, 2024

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Ukraine calls on Russia to withdraw its forces from the border and continue the dialogue

Published on 01/30/2022 15:39

(Credit: Anatoly Stepanov/AFP)

Ukraine on Sunday urged Russia to withdraw its forces from the border and continue dialogue with Western countries, if it was “seriously” committed to easing tensions raised by fears of an invasion.

“If the Russian authorities are serious when they say they do not want a new war, then Russia should continue its diplomatic commitment and withdraw the military forces stationed on the border with Ukraine and in the temporarily occupied Ukrainian territories,” said the Ukrainian minister. Foreign Affairs, Dmytro Kuleba, on Twitter.

Moscow has sent more than 100,000 soldiers and heavy weapons to the border with Ukraine, according to Western countries who fear the Kremlin will take military action in the neighboring country. “Diplomacy is the only responsible way,” Kuleba added.

Moscow denies any intention to invade Ukraine and insists it does not want war, but is only seeking guarantees from the United States and NATO for its security.

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