October 2, 2023

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The bombshell #ZambelliMentirosa appeared in the networks after several lies made by Bolsonarista

This time, Bolsonarista made a montage with headlines suggesting that Canadian player Alfonso Davies had myocarditis and was unconvincing.

247 – After Carla Zambelli (PSL-SP) is lying and has to admit, last Tuesday (25), who used public funds on her trip to the United States, to participate in the National March for Life against Abortion, which was held in Washington and various other tours, this time the extremist was caught in another lie.

The post that the MP posted on Facebook is misleading, as she made a montage with news headlines indicating that Canadian player Alphonso Davies, of Bayern Munich (Germany), has myocarditis due to a vaccine against Covid-19. The player faced this problem after contracting the disease, as it appears in its entirety, one of the news highlighted by the parliamentarian. The conclusion about the player’s diagnosis was officially published by Bayern Munich. the reportage From the UOL portal.

No post has been posted on FacebookThe deputy emphasized the content with the phrase “News that speaks for itself! Draw your conclusions!” In connection with Kombrova, she denied the advice of Carla Zampelli that she linked this case of myocarditis with vaccination, but this was the understanding of many followers who commented on the position of deputy.

Comprova classified the content as misleading, as it takes information about myocarditis and the diagnosis made in the Bayern Munich player out of context, leading to wrong conclusions.

Watch the backlash:

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