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Ukraine talks about eliminating pro-Russian groups, US advises citizens to leave the country - 01/23/2022 - World

Ukraine talks about eliminating pro-Russian groups, US advises citizens to leave the country – 01/23/2022 – World

Ukraine announced this Sunday (23) that it wants to eliminate all pro-Russian groups in its territory. The United Kingdom has accused Moscow of plotting to overthrow Vladimir Putin and establish a puppet government in Kiev..

“Our government will pursue a policy of dismantling Ukraine or eliminating any oligarchy and political structure that could act as an ally of the Russian occupiers,” Mikhail Potolyak, adviser to the presidency of Volodymyr Zhelenzky, told the Associated Press. Definitely.

According to him, there are doubts in the country about the possibility of sending former Moscow Vice President Yevgeny Muraye to the post – he will be a “very absurd person”, which does not mean that British intelligence should not be taken lightly. “As much as possible”.

On Saturday night (22), a statement signed by the UK’s Secretary of State, Liz Truss, leveled allegations against Putin, pointing to Murray as a potential head of government in a coalition with Moscow. Four Ukrainian politicians with links to Russian intelligence services, including agents involved in the plot, were named.

However, the report did not elaborate on how Russia could make Zhelensky’s fall possible, nor did it explain whether the plan was based on an invasion of Russian troops – a possibility that the West could suggest was increasingly real. After sending 100,000 troops to the border area between the countries.

While the intelligence passed to Hussein provided information on US diplomatic missions, it is alleged that the ambassador provided the information to Hussein. President of Ukraine, In November, he cited a plot against him involving the Russians.

Today is Sunday morning, the Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Dominic Rob, The plan threatened Russia with “severe sanctions” if possible. “If Russia takes this step and tries to invade Ukraine, there will be very serious consequences,” he told Sky News. This week, the country announced that it had begun supplying anti-tank weapons to the Ukrainians.

In Kiev, Bodoliyak urged the West to act “unitedly and harshly” towards Russia at this time, and other officials’ talks on sanctions on Moscow followed a more measured tone.

US Secretary of State Anthony Blingen immediately turned down the offer. “The purpose of the sanctions is to prevent Russian occupation. If they are used now, you will lose their preventive effect,” he told CNN. However, in another interview, he strengthened the country Ukraine has not been given as much security as it has this year – arms were delivered this Sunday, including- Moreover, in the event of a new invasion in the end, Moscow will face “massive consequences”.

Overnight, US diplomats advised citizens not to travel to Ukraine, citing evidence that Russia was planning a “significant military operation” in the region. Family members of citizens and embassy staff in Kiev have been notified to leave the country.

“Security conditions, especially on the borders, in Russian-occupied Crimea and in the Russian-controlled east, are unpredictable and may worsen in the short term,” the report said. Later, another note pointed out that trips to Russia were also not recommended.

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On Friday, Flinken met with Russian President Sergei Lavrov and accepted his request for formal responses.At the request of the Kremlin, in writing, Otherwise denied in other cases —That is, the guarantee that former Soviet republics such as Ukraine, Georgia or Moldova will not join NATO and the withdrawal of troops from the group of former communist countries near Moscow.

The New York Times reports that President Joe Biden met with Pentagon officials this weekend. Footage showing aircraft and up to 5,000 U.S. troops stationed For countries that are part of a Western military alliance, such as the Baltic states in Eastern Europe. Let’s hit the hammer early this week.

In Germany, Prime Minister Olaf Scholz urged Western nations to be vigilant in this regard, but reiterated his solidarity speech: “In this circle of allies, we acknowledge possible action. We can act in an emergency.” The country was at the center of the crisis this Saturday, The army soldier unleashed a riot with Kiev and he was forced to remove the naval chief In defending Putin.

Dispute in the area The Nord Stream 2 pipeline could directly affect the Germans, Not yet operational. During the week, The Foreign Minister Annalena BarbachScholz said the cost of defending Ukraine during the Russian invasion would be good for Berlin – and that everyone was willing to pay for it.

In Russia, meanwhile, British intelligence has been accused of misrepresentation by local authorities. Aims to “raise tensions” in the crisis involving Ukraine. The state-run TASS said on Sunday that the country was still considering the possibility of Secretary-General Liz Druz’s diplomatic visit to President Sergei Lavrov in February.

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Murray criticized the UK document, saying it was a conspiracy theory and was considering taking legal action. “This is completely unproven, completely unsubstantiated.” He said he experienced sanctions from Moscow in 2018 and refused to contact Russian agents.

In a Facebook post, he defended the “new leaders” for Ukraine, who were guided by national interests and not “pro-Western or pro-Russia.” The recent status of the ex-spouse, however, indicates, above all, a closer relationship with Moscow. “It’s in our interest, not NATO’s peace,” he told Reuters. “If the West wants us to be a launching pad and we have a war and hundreds of thousands die, I think it is against our interests.”

Pope Francis has called on the Vatican to hold an international “prayer for peace” day on January 26 to avert a devastation in the Ukrainian region, as diplomatic meetings end Sunday, a week of failure to defuse the crisis. At the same time. According to the pope, tensions threaten Europe’s security and could have even more serious consequences.