July 20, 2024

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Understand recent changes to food stamps

The Federal Government recently announced Decree No. 10,854. It summarizes more than a thousand labor standards in just 15 measures that will determine the performance of the CLT system.

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The biggest change occurred, in fact, in the regulation of food stamps, with the goal of providing more flexibility to the worker. Next, we will discuss the major changes and their impact on the lives of workers and companies.

What are the major changes in VA?

The voucher is delivered – mainly – by companies in the form of cards (credits) that enable the employee to eat in restaurants and markets. However, to make a purchase by card, the institution must accept it as a form of payment.

What happens is that many restaurants and markets only accept a certain type of flag, which limits the possibilities of worker consumption. But the new decree changes only the following: now the use of cards cannot be restricted to a network of affiliates. This means that workers will be able to use this feature in more organizations.

To achieve this, the decree aims to open up the market for food stamp companies, creating a space with more possibilities, and therefore more competition.

In this sense, the company will no longer have to offer the coupon under a particular brand and also the possibility of transferring credit between different cards.

Above all, for the worker, these new measures will provide more flexibility and possibilities in using their food stamps. However, for companies, it will mean a wider range of suppliers with new features and solutions that each one of them offers.

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Companies will have an 18-month period to adapt to the new standards. The trend in the labor market is to meet the requirements of workers, as well as bring benefits to companies.