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Unimed apologizes for a statement that celebrated the decision to impose taxes - 06/11/2022 - Daily Life

Unimed apologizes for a statement that celebrated the decision to impose taxes – 06/11/2022 – Daily Life

On Saturday afternoon (11) Unimed de Belo Horizonte published an apology after the company’s statement commemorating The decision of the Supreme Court of Justice (STJ) on the comprehensive list of health measures.

The statement, which was circulated on social media, stated that the decision was “a superlative and tremendous success for the operator.” The text also states that “the war is not over, our fight continues and we want to show more and more to the judiciary that the role of the Afghan National Army is [Agência Nacional de Saúde Suplementar] impose taxes.”

“We remain resolute, strong and happy. After all, calm seas have never made a good sailor.. Our army is whole,” the statement read.

On Wednesday (8), Syrians for Truth and Justice decided that health insurance They are not required to pay for actions that are not included in the list of coverage established by the ANS.

The decision, which affects millions of plan users, is favorable to companies operating in the sector and changes the prevailing understanding of more than two decades in the judiciary, based on individual demands submitted to various cases against the refusal of service.

It was one of the most effective treatments Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)because many treatments are not on the regulatory agency’s list.

The statement from Unimed de Belo Horizonte celebrated the release of payments for treatments for children with this disorder.

We have come to several judgments in support […] which considered the authors’ requests completely unfounded, eliminating the obligation to pay for treatment in cases of autism spectrum disorder […] As well as national and imported medicines.”

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In a note on social media, UNAMID Belo Horizonte said the statement was an internal document that “launched from an isolated initiative of an internal administrative region – without institutional alignment and approval – that does not, under any circumstances, represent how we conduct our work”.

It also stated that it was taking “appropriate measures” with regard to the professionals involved. The worker did not say what the measures were.

“The cooperative values ​​healthcare for all of its customers and this is the goal and commitment that should guide the team,” Unimed said.