June 23, 2024

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Unwelcome guest, Iolanda finds evidence against Davi in ​​Beyond the Illusion TV News

Unwelcome guest, Iolanda finds evidence against Davi in ​​Beyond the Illusion TV News

An unwelcome guest, Iolanda (Duda Brack) will search the home of Davi / Rafael (Rafael Vitti) for evidence against him in behind the illusion. The star will find the box containing the magical items, but the boy will be caught in the jump before the object opens in the soap opera at six in the morning on Globo.

In Chapter 3 this Tuesday, stage actress Margo (Marissa Orth) will take a breather from the unpleasant con artist and her friend will advise her to focus on the task of getting the money before leaving Campos dos Santos. Goytacazes.

“With our well-padded socks, we put our leg up on the bastard Joachim [Danilo Mesquita] And we’ll tour with the play. There are very wealthy people in the interior of São Paulo, you know? It looks like a gold mine. Let’s fill the ass with money! ‘ warns the veteran.

Iolanda will be filled with hope: “Speaking like this, I will cheer again. I will be able to give everything better and better for my son. Toninho will have everything that I did not have.” Then Margot will give Millions’ advice to the girl: “Why don’t you take advantage of the fact that there’s no show today and try to find out more about this guy? Check out his stuff.” Maybe there is another secret?“.

Whoever seeks to discover

After that, Yolanda will go home David Putting the recommendation into practice. You’ll take advantage of the fact that the boy will come out and start digging through everything until the moment you see a chest in the back of the closet and put it to bed.

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When you go to open the chest, the magician will appear and frighten Toniño’s mother. “Snooping through my things, Iolanda?” You will encounter Isadora’s ex-boyfriend (Larissa Manuela), leaving the star speechless.

The second stage of the Alessandra Poggi competition was held in the 1940s in Campos dos Goytacazes, Rio de Janeiro. Also check out our six summaries from Globo that the news Posted daily.

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