September 28, 2023

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Bill Murray breaks silence after accusations of inappropriate behavior on set

Bill Murray breaks silence after accusations of inappropriate behavior on set

since Disney Production ended on the next movie by Searchlight productions, being deadlythe decision was attributed to behavior deemed inappropriate on the part of the star Bill Murray. Now the actor has appeared in public to clarify the situation, expressing regret for his position and willingness to negotiate a potential return with the company (via Character Book).

According to his words, the embarrassing situation happened after he made a bad joke with one of the workers on the site, which created a conflict of opinion and caused the project to be canceled. The actor admitted that his stance wasn’t the most ethical and that even if he was “just trying to be funny” he was wrong about the situation. He said:

“It’s been such a good education for me, I haven’t done more than think about it in the last week or two and feel like if I don’t understand – you know the world is different than it was when you were kid, you know what I always thought was funny when I was A kid isn’t necessarily the same funny thing now.” said the actor. “Things have changed and times have changed, so it’s important for me to know that and I think the most important thing is the best for the other person (too).”

Murray is fully confident of a possible resumption of the project by Disney after dialogue between all parties involved. He also states that the time the project was on hold gave him time to reflect on what happened and how his actions affect or fail to affect others.

Actor Bill Murray.

The movie in question is based on the book he wrote Atul Gawande, Being Dead: Medicine and What Matters in the End. The film was scheduled to be shown in 2023but after the controversy over Murray, that date is likely to change.

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