June 21, 2024

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Enquete UOL A Fazenda

UOL A Fazenda poll indicates who is leaving the program today (9/23)

This Thursday (23), the public will witness the first exit from A Fazenda 2021. Nego do Borel, Liziane Gutierrez and Solange Gomes vie for the reality fans’ preference for staying at home. While the outcome has not yet emerged, the UOL A Fazenda poll indicates who should leave the fray for the R$1.5 million prize.

UOL A Fazenda Poll

Unlike other reality shows, the audience at A Fazenda must vote on which pawn should remain in the game. As of Thursday afternoon, according to a UOL poll, the one with the most votes to stay is Nego do Borel, with 47.91% of the vote. Liziane Gutierrez is in second place, accounting for 26.39% of audience preference. And therefore, The one who should leave today is Solange Gomes, who owns just 25.70%.

a DCI Poll indicates a similar result. For 39.51% of readers, Solange Gomes left the program on farmland today. Nego do Borel is in second place with 35.08% of the vote, and Lesian is in third place with 25.41%. It should be noted that none of the ballot boxes has any effect on the official vote.

First Sid formation from A Fazenda 2021 – Photo: Reproduction/PlayPlus

How was the garden formed?

The Swedes were formed on Tuesday. Farmer Gui Araújo nominated Nego do Borel to take the lead. Lesian Gutierrez and Diane Millo were the most voted by the infantrymen. It was left to Gui to break the tie in the vote, and the influencer chose to oppose the audience’s preference.

Lesian Solange pulled Gomez out of the stall to take the third seat in the park – Victor Pecoraro chose the former bathtub of the Gogo Basin to leave the residence and go to the barn by the power of the lamp. The same thing happened with Nego do Borel.

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Erica Schneider was left in the rest and filled the last vacancy on the field. However, the former Faustão dancer did well: She won the farmer’s audition, which was held Wednesday night, and saved herself from the hot seat.

See how the vote went:

  • Thiago Piccolo voted for Erica Schneider
  • Mayledy Mihaly votes for Lesian Gutierrez
  • Nego do Borel voted for Medrado
  • Solange Gomez voted for Bill Araujo
  • Valentina Francavilla voted for Bill Araujo
  • Bill Araujo voted for Valentina Francavilla
  • Erasmo Viana voted for Tate Kuibra Baracu
  • MC Gui voted for Dayane Mello
  • Marina Ferrari voted for Lesian Gutierrez
  • Rico Melciardes voted for Medrado
  • Erica Schneider voted for Lesian Gutierrez
  • Dynho Alves voted for Dayane Mello
  • Tati Cuibra Baraco votes for Erasmo Viana
  • Lisiane Gutierrez voted for Milaydi Mihaely
  • Diane Melo’s voice for Mosonzinho
  • Victor Pecoraro voted for Diane Melo
  • Sthe Matos voted for Liziane Gutierrez
  • Lisiane Gutierrez voted for Milaydi Mihaely
  • Mosonzinho votes for Diane Melo
  • Medrado voted for Rico Melquiades
  • Ellen Mineiro voted for Dinho Alves