May 19, 2024

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Them gives birth to her second daughter, Ivy: 'Our new love'

Them gives birth to her second daughter, Ivy: ‘Our new love’

Ivy, the singer’s second daughter, was born in the early hours of Thursday morning (23). thyme, From the duet with Thiago. The news was shared on her Instagram, where she also posted pictures of her appearing alongside the newborn.

In her stories, she posted a picture of a pink beanie with a drawing of a little singer-girl, and next to her was written Ivy. She wrote in the caption: “Thank you all for your prayers! Ivy has arrived healthy and surrounded by love.”

A little later, on the social network feed, Them posted three photos of her daughter. One by herself and two with her parents.

“Spring has arrived and with it our newest love (and what a love! ♥️)… I just want to thank you for all the affection with our family! #IvyChegou,” the singer wrote in the caption.

Instagram will load in the front end.

On his Instagram account, Thame’s husband, Fabio Elias, also posted photos of his daughter and commented on Ivy’s birth.

“Today we received another blessing from God with the arrival of the beautiful ivymarioto, through this beautiful woman and mother thaeme. Fabio wrote that this divine and magical blessing that women received from generating life inside them for 9 months and completely changing their bodies at that time.” The couple are already the father of 2-year-old Liz.

Instagram will load in the front end.

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