May 21, 2024

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US House approves anti-hair discrimination law |  The world

US House approves anti-hair discrimination law | The world

The ban on hair-based racial discrimination is one step closer to becoming law in the United States after a vote in Congress.

The U.S. House of Representatives passed legislation to end discrimination against natural hair at work and at school. The text still needs to be approved by the Senate.

US President Joe Biden has urged lawmakers to pass the law quickly.

Black Americans report being treated unfairly at work and at school because of the use of their natural hair or braids and other styles.

The STF concludes that the offense of racial injury cannot be recommended

If the bill becomes law, capitulation discrimination will be treated as racial or ethnic discrimination under federal civil rights law.

Until then, lawyers say, employers and companies can discriminate on the basis of how black Americans wear their natural hair.

CROWN Coalition strategist Adjova P. Asamova (referring to the name of the proposal in English: Creating a respectable and open world for natural hair – or “creating a respectable and open world for natural hair”) praised Friday’s vote. (3/18) Acknowledged a possible upward war in the House, but in the Senate.

“There is a change in politics and a change in culture,” Azamova said.

“It’s about confronting this Eurocentric standard beauty, fighting against blackness and promoting natural African aesthetics. The diversity of blackness is beautiful.”

According to a 2021 study by the Dow and CROWN Coalition, one-third of black children, mostly in white schools, face racial discrimination. The survey found that 86% of children under the age of 12 experienced this.

A dozen states have enacted similar laws aimed at ending capitulation discrimination.

On Thursday (3/17), the Massachusetts House of Representatives unanimously voted to present its bill in the State Senate.

Civil rights movement in the United States “black is beautiful” – Photo: Getty Images via BBC

Ida Nelson, who lives in Chicago, said she thought her four-year-old son Jet’s braids were banned at preschool when he was teased by executives.

But when the school told her she had to go to class and have her hairstyle removed, she decided to respond.

After several months of campaigning, Nelson passed the Jet Hawkins Act in Illinois to prevent hair discrimination in schools.

He said the national law was passed in the House on Friday and he felt he had “proved” himself.

“When we come to power, epic things are done,” he added.

“It’s a joint venture, from four-year-olds to the elderly, ‘No, our hair and ability to look authentic is not negotiable.