June 3, 2023

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US hypersonic missile test failed |  Globalism

US hypersonic missile test failed | Globalism

Hypersonic weapons program United State It suffered a setback on Thursday (21) after a failed hypersonic missile test.

The test was intended to validate aspects of one of the hypersonic gliders being developed by the Pentagon, according to Reuters news agency.

The problem occurs days after the Financial Times revealed that China tested A hypersonic missile with nuclear capabilities orbiting the planet (see below).

The Chinese test took place in August and was kept secret. After the newspaper was revealed, the US President said: Joe BidenAnd He said “yes” when asked if he was worried.

In addition to the United States and China, the Russia it’s at North Korea They are also working on developing hypersonic technology.

dictator Kim Jong Un’s regime I tested a hypersonic missile last monthVladimir Putin’s government In October 2020 (see video below).

Russia tests supersonic missile Tsircon

Supersonic technology, the next generation of weapons, is hard to track down.

Hypersonic weapons are launched by a missile into space (like ships used on space missions, for example) and fly with their own thrust five times the speed of sound (at about 6200 km/h or 340 m/h).

They are able to orbit around the Earth, can maneuver, and can deviate from their initial trajectory.

The rocket flew around the planet in a low orbit before descending toward the target, but missed its target by about 38 kilometers. However, the test surprised US officials.

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