May 26, 2024

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World's Oldest 107-year-old Japanese Identical Twins Say Book of Records |  Globalism

World’s Oldest 107-year-old Japanese Identical Twins Say Book of Records | Globalism

Japanese Sisters Umino Sumiyama NS com Kodama, 107 years old, confirmed as The oldest identical twins in the world, reported on Monday (20) records book.

When they received recognition on September 1, Umino and Kom had completed 107 years and 300 days of life.

Umino and Kom have already fought two world wars, two pandemics and are now living separately. Each is in a different nursing home in Japan, according to Guinness Book of Records.

Both were born on Shodoshima, an island 150 kilometers from Osaka, on November 5, 1913, and are part of a very large family – they had at least nine other siblings.

Umino (left) and Kom (right) with their official certificates – Photo: Reproduction / Guinness World Records

The twin story took different fates early on. When they finished primary school, Kom left the island to work with his uncle in another city.

Umino resided in Shodoshima, where he married and raised his family.

com (left) and Umino (right) – Photo: Reproduction / Guinness World Record

They are separated by about 300 kilometers, and they did not meet often. However, on some special dates, the two made an effort to be together.

After nearly a decade, they were able to surpass their ancestral teacher and, according to their caregivers, were very emotional upon receiving the official record certificate.

Kom (left) and Umino (right) at the 99th birthday party – Photo: Reproduction / Guinness World Records

Japan has already set several records for the tallest people in the world.

The man of advanced age in the whole world was a Japanese, Jermon Kimurowho died on June 12, 2013 at the age of 116.

The oldest person in the world is Japanese Ken Tanaka, who celebrated her 117th birthday at a nursing home in Fukuoka, southern Japan, In January of last year.

The Brazilians join the Guinness Book of Records as the world’s shortest couple