May 20, 2024

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Vale (VALE3) will pay R$40.2 billion in dividends; 8.10 BRL per share

Vale (VALE3) will pay R$40.2 billion in dividends;  8.10 BRL per share
the valley. Photo: Disclosure Vale (VALE3)

a Valley (VALE3) On Thursday (16) it was approved to pay R$8,1083 per share in dividends. Earnings refer to the first half of this year, with the amount calculated based on the balance sheet on June 30.

Pay Valley Profits It will happen on September 30, and the deadline for investors who own shares in the miner, which is traded in B3, will be September 22, while the standard date for ADR holders, who trade on the New York Stock Exchange, will be September 24.

So Share Valley will be negotiatedprevious earnings“employment Brazilian Stock Exchange And on the US Stock Exchange as of September 23.

However, the value of the dividend per share may change slightly due to the buyback program.

In addition, the company today agreed to cancel 152,016,372 of its common stock, which were acquired in previous buyback programs. The value of the Vale’s capital It is unchanged, but is now divided into 5,132,458,398 common shares and 12 specialty shares.

At the end of today’s trading session, Vale’s shares were valued at 87.93, after declining in value by 4.15% during the trading session, before the dividend was announced.

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Vale: BB strengthens buy recommendation with new target price

This week, BB Investimentos reinforced its recommendation to buy Vale, with new target price 125 BRL for next year.

In a report, the BB Investments It states that it has revised its financial model to incorporate the new model Valley Estimates, plus recent results and new buildings for mining sector.

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In addition, the bank commented on Vale’s earnings. BB sees the miner continuing to consolidate itself among the biggest dividend paying companies in the Middle East Sao Paulo Stock Exchange (B3). In 2021, the mining company paid out $6.2 billion in dividends.

BB’s predictions were that Valley At least $5.3 billion will be announced for the first half of this year. The report asserts that the combined values ​​will represent approximately $2.28 per share, equal to a return of approximately 12.7%.