May 26, 2024

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Valentina Francavilla was eliminated from A Fazenda 13 with 15.38% of the vote - A Fazenda 13

Valentina Francavilla was eliminated from A Fazenda 13 with 15.38% of the vote – A Fazenda 13

farm 13 He reached the end of Valentina Francavilla! The person was eliminated from the competition for the live show on Thursday (18) with 15.38% of the vote. The actress lost the fight against Ellen Mineiro and Solange Gomez for audience preference in a vote held on

Formation of the ninth farm

The formation of the ninth Rosa came on Tuesday (16).

Farmer Gui Araújo nominated Aline Mineiro directly for the first seat. Rico Melquiades had the most votes at Headquarters and pulled Diane Melo to accompany them. Solange Gomez remained at Resta M and completed the Roca formation.

With the power of yellow flame, Dynho Alves rescued Diane from Rwasa and put Valentina Francavilla in her place. With the power of the red flame in hand, MC Gui immunized Valentina from being banned from entering farmer test.

Subsequently, Solange Gomes objected to Aline Mineiro from participating in the activity. Valentina already had a chance to win the hat, But he lost the dispute to Rico Melquiades, the new farmer.

Valentina’s Path on the Farm

At the beginning of the reality show, Valentina caught the attention of pedestrians by always offering a friendly shoulder. The outcast was welcoming and affectionate, distinguished by hugs and advice. Excited, she decided to change her hair color and adopted pink locks.

Valentina’s calm and peaceful style began to annoy the pedestrians who He called it soap dish several times during the season.

Tired of many judgments, she decided to put herself more in the game and her first position was to confront Allen. The actress also argued with Solange and Tiago, but confusion was certain when Rico vaccinated Mileide to vote rather than pick her.

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To prove that the soap dish version was in the past, Valentina decided to change her hair color to blue. After arguing with all the allies in the game, players get even closer to Diane. The pair became inseparable.

From ally to rival, Valentina Francavilla is the ninth excluded from rural reality.

Continue farm 13! The reality show airs Monday through Friday at 10:45 p.m.; On Saturdays, after the Genesis series, and on Sundays, after Wonderful Sunday!

The signing of the Play Plus And access to the 24-hour broadcast of The farm 13.