June 21, 2024

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Tom Holland remembers the first meeting with Willem Dafoe on the set

Tom Holland remembers the first meeting with Willem Dafoe on the set

The first interaction of Tom Holland With Willem Dafoe no group of Spider-Man: No Home It was a perfect fit, given the antagonistic relationship between Peter Parker and Norman Osborn/Green Goblin in Legends marvel.

you talk During the trailer premiere The most recent feature, Holland recalled: “During filming, the return of all the baddies was a big secret, so the actors walked around the set covered in black gowns so they wouldn’t be filmed.“.

“Then one day I was walking around the set being kind of a distraction and I ran into a guy in a cloak. I turned around and said, ‘Look where you’re going, my friend.'” “When he took off his hood, it was Willem, and I was really dumbfounded for a second: ‘Oh, my God, the Green Elf is here!'”He joked.

In the end, according to Holland, the two actors got to know each other better before filming scenes together. “He is a likable man, very generous. It has been a pleasure working with him.“, Certain.

According to the Netherlands, the new film It was seen as the “end” of Peter Parker’s novelthat started in Captain America: Civil War, 2016.

Spider-Man: No Home It will feature the return of several other former stars from the franchise: From Jamie Foxx, from The Amazing Spider-Man 2, once again as the villain Electro; To Alfred Molina, from Spider-Man 2, as Doctor Octopus.

The feature premiere is scheduled for December 16 In Brazilian cinemas.