May 28, 2024

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Valve founder Gabe Newell personally delivers Steam Deck |  esports

Valve founder Gabe Newell personally delivers Steam Deck | esports

Gabe Newell presents the Steam Deck – Photo: clone

Through the security camera the buyer showed Newell’s arrival. The accident occurred in Bellevue, Seattle, Washington, home of Valve.

Buyer reports Steam Deck delivery – Photo: clone

– I received an email yesterday that looks like a spam telling me that Steam Deck shipment arrived a few days ago and that it will be delivered the next day if someone is receiving it. Honestly, I was a bit skeptical and didn’t want to get my hopes up. Today I warned my wife to be aware of deliveries and took a ski trip with my friends. The Delivery Man arrived and my wife opened the door. He asked ‘Mike (not my real name) is home? She said no but the package will be delivered to me and asked the video crew why. She didn’t know the ‘delivery man’ was Gabe Newell Gabe was so nice and well-balanced he told her to email her directly if she had Any feedback.Anyway, sorry for not going through this whole experience – sent a reddit user.

Steam Deck Rack signed by Gabe Newell – Photo: Reproduction

The notebook has three different editions. With 64 GB, the cheapest summer will cost $399, which is about R$2,200 at the current price. The second Steam Deck will have four times more internal storage, and with a capacity of 256 GB, it can be purchased for $529 – around R$2,930. Finally, the most expensive version will cost 649 USD (about 3600 BRL) and will provide 512 GB of storage.