September 28, 2023

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Vetoes suspend goals for SUS providers - Senado Notícias

Vetoes suspend goals for SUS providers – Senado Notícias

In the Tuesday (5) session, the Congress National get down The President of the Republic, Jair Bolsonaro, has full veto of the project (PL 2753/2021) Which exempted entities providing services to the Unified Health System (SUS) from achieving quantitative and qualitative performance targets until June 30 of this year. With the age of the text, it was re-established Full transfer of contracted amounts due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Project by Senator Jose Serra (PSDB-SP).

The entire text has been overturned on the recommendation ofMinistry of Health , who pointed “Contrary to the public interest.” The Presidency of the Republic said that number Will be Further extension is necessary due to the release of Reception and Guidance Services declaring the end of a “public health emergency in the national interest” I entered As of May 22.

a PL 2753/2021 It was Approved in alternative form by plenary on March 23, with a decision by Senator Elysian Gama (Citizenship-MA). The suspension of goals has been determined by Law 13992 of 2020effective as of the first of last March, and was extended twice due to the persistence of the pandemic, through laws 14,061 / 2020 And the 14189/2021. The latest extension guarantees flexibility until December 31, 2021.

Agência Senado (Reproduction authorized with reference to Agência Senado)

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