September 28, 2023

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Viva: Low cost airline opens 15 new international routes – Travel – Life

On June 2 Low cost airline Viva With a direct route from the airport in the capital Pisa to Cancun (Mexico), it opened its HUB Medellín, the regional hub. In this way, the company, which has carried more than two million passengers so far this year, is continuing its expansion process in Colombia and the region.

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In fact, it plans to open 15 new ones International routes, Over the next three years. Juan Diego Zapada, Group Viva’s Sales Director, also explains the situation Reactivation The economy is favorable to the airline and shows important results.

“This year, we have seen steady growth in market demand: we have added three new national routes and four international routes to Mexico and the United States; we have opened our base in Medellin with over two million passengers on our flights by 2021. Demonstrate speed and more and more passengers are relying on the benefits of the low price model.

How did Viva manage to establish itself as one of the leading airlines in the country?

Nine years ago we came to the Colombian market, the first airline to bring the lowest priced model in the region. Over the years we have evolved: we have become an airline that has changed the way we fly in the country, from being an open airline.

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The strategy that supports our good results involves permanently looking operational capabilities Passengers; The idea is that they can fly to new places, paying only what they need. This, added to our updated Air Force, has a vast network inside and outside the country and differences in timeliness, proximity and experience have established us as one of the region’s leading airlines.

How far does Viva move today in terms of routes, travelers and navies?

Today we run 25 Ways To national and seven international destinations in Peru, Mexico and the United States. In the first six months of the year we built about 16,000 aircraft and carried more than two million Passengers. We have the most modern air fleet and the third aircraft is in the United States; It was made up of 18 new aircraft, eight of which were N.E.O. Many places like Buenos Aires or New York in the future.

What is the latest news from Viva?

This week we launched the Direct Medellin-Mexico City Route with four weekly frequencies; This is the fourth international route we have launched this year (connecting Medellin-Canc ,n, Bogota-Mexico City and Medellin-Orlando), showing our commitment to connecting travelers with other parts of the world and at the best prices. We expect to mobilize approximately 60,000 passengers in the first year of operation of this new route, which will open up more opportunities for business and allow more Latin Americans to travel by air. We are waiting for the arrival of new aircraft to expand our network of national and international routes.

What does Viva offer its passengers regarding experience and services?

We connect thousands of people nationally and internationally to new destinations and show them that they can fly and get better service for less. We compete as an affordable option that can be customized to suit the specific needs of the users. For that reason, we only allow you to pay for the extra services you need. We firmly believe that true luxury travels with unique experiences, and our philosophy is to have the right time in our activities. Today we are a benchmark for timely travel in the country, averaging 93 percent of our itinerary.

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We have recently integrated new entertainment options on the planes, including free access to a variety of digital magazines with Pasa La Pegina, Spotify and the new Volar Para Vivir podcasts, Coca Cola and Dundee. In addition, we have digital communication channels: a virtual assistant and application for mobile devices via WhatsApp. Through this, we are committed to different actions that create value for our customers.

What comes with Viva? What markets are they targeting? What is your main bet?

Within the international expansion plan, we plan to open 15 new routes over the next three years, including destinations to North America, South America and the Caribbean. Connecting new routes is a goal we work on every day and we hope to announce new locations very soon.

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