May 26, 2024

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Within a day of the introduction of 5G, US airlines claim that the technology will cause a 'catastrophic' crash

Within a day of the introduction of 5G, US airlines claim that the technology will cause a ‘catastrophic’ crash

The trade association representing major U.S. airlines has asked Transport Secretary Pete Boutique and the country’s top communications and air traffic controllers to stop providing mobile carriers 5G services near airports.

The airline for the United States warned in a letter Monday (17) The public may experience “catastrophic” interruptions If the new C-band frequencies are set two miles away from the aircraft. The association said it was ready to work with the government and operators to find a mutually acceptable solution.

Carriers including AT&T and Verizon Communications An agreement was reached with federal regulators earlier this month to launch the new service on January 19th. Airlines are concerned that signals may interfere with aircraft altitude measuring equipment.

In a statement to Bloomberg staff, Robin Hayes, CEO of JetBlue Airways, said:

Hayes said there was a lack of transparency in the data behind the decision to use 5G near airports, and there were growing concerns about interference with aircraft equipment. He said the move could delay the aviation sector’s recovery from the epidemic.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) on Sunday authorized some jets to operate in areas where the new 5G services will be used, which will significantly reduce the potential impact on the flight schedule. The decision allows for up to 48 low-visibility landings at 88 U.S. airports with such arrival equipment, the FAA said.

Two members of the US Congress – Peter de Facio, chairman of the House Transport and Infrastructure Committee, and Rick Larson, chairman of the subcommittee on aviation – joined the airline on Monday.

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“We need to give the FAA and the aviation industry more time to fully assess deployment risks, in order to avoid catastrophic disruptions to our national airspace,” the two Democrats wrote in a letter.

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