May 19, 2024

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Volkswagen returns in a modified and electric version

Volkswagen returns in a modified and electric version

Personal realization Volkswagen Buzz inspired by classic Kombi formats (Credit: Disclosure)

Volkswagen announced on Wednesday (9) the identity of Volkswagen. Buzz, a revamped version of Kombi, is a bestseller in Brazil and all over the world. The new version arrives on the market entirely electric and more compact than the standard version that was successful in the classic form.

At launch, Volkswagen said the idea was not to recreate the look of the original Combi, but to draw inspiration from it to design a new car, thinking about the needs of 21st century drivers.

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Character realization Buzz has the engine mount diagram on the car’s rear axle, as designed on the original Kombis, only this time containing an electric motor. There will be 201 horsepower powering the machine, ensuring much more power than the Kombi’s initial inspiration.

Part of identity engineering. Buzz is also designed to ensure more agility in everyday life, with batteries installed underground. The body parts are similar to the ID.4 crossover SUV.

Inside, drivers will have a 10-inch touchscreen display, which can be upgraded to a 12-inch screen. Following the ID line criteria, Buzz will have a virtual assistant, which responds with a voice command.

ID inside.  buzz
ID inside. Buzz (Credit: Disclosure)

With no standard transmission, the gears will be controlled by two controls behind the steering wheel.

The car will not have versions with leather seats, but with alternatives to materials, as well as the inclusion of fabrics made of recycled plastic.

The trucks will be marketed in five- and seven-seat versions – the largest of which will be released in the coming months. In addition, the new Kombi will also have three-seater options in the front, as in the classic format.

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There is still no prediction of when the ID will be. Buzz will arrive in Brazil.

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