June 19, 2024

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was bad!  Miara, Marisa's couple discover the betrayal of Fernando Zur |  Column Fabia Oliveira

was bad! Miara, Marisa’s couple discover the betrayal of Fernando Zur | Column Fabia Oliveira

This column has tried to get into the spirit of peace and love for Natal, but our readers will not allow it. Since early on, we’ve been getting reports of a supposed hop on singer Fernando Zur, Mayara’s boyfriend, a duo from Mariasa.

It was information about that the artist was seen taking them all in a song in the countryside of Paraná, where he sang on stage, Thursday night (23). There, he was caught so full of intimacy with a girl that he even danced with another woman.

After spending the night, follow Zur’s Girl (who’s been full of intimacy) on Instagram. Whoever was in the same nightclub guaranteed that the citizen would have left the place accompanied by the girl he was following on Instagram at dawn.

And it was not only this column that received publications. And they also ended up in the hands of Mayara, who, when he approached her, admitted that the singer had betrayed her.

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“Fernando betrayed me after everything I’ve been through this year, Fabia,” the singer said in a quick chat with the columnist writing for you. On yesterday’s date, the two would complete three years of a relationship. sertaneja also said “amen” to release and for being able to start the year to find someone who really deserves it.

Watch Fernando Soltino’s videos at the club with another woman:

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