March 4, 2024

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The widow of the Rupa Nova singer works as a peddler

The widow of the Rupa Nova singer works as a peddler

Paulinho’s widow, Ropa Nova singer Elaine Soares Dias, has revealed that she has asked a friend for help in the past few days to work as a street vendor in Sara, a popular shopping district in Rio de Janeiro, to save money for Christmas gifts.

Paulinho and Elaine have been together for 16 years

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“I asked a friend for a job. I called her and asked if I could work. Before she had a booth in downtown Rio, but with the epidemic, she lost it and now she has a platform on the sidewalk, where the sun shines all the time,” he stated in an interview with the magazine World Health Organization.

“I can’t spit on the dish I ate, because she was so nice to me. I could have said no, but she shared my commission. I worked from last Monday until yesterday. Today I took a day off because I earn ten riyals for staying standing all day no.” Pay “.

Eileen wages a legal battle with Paulinho’s children for a stable relationship with the recognized singer and the right to inherit. She has a degree in Psychology and Law, but discontinued her career to pursue a musician’s career.

“I did my OAB, I passed. But during the time we were married, I took care of everything, for me, for him, and for the house. I traveled with him and then, for work, I wasn’t and explained the availability I needed. Accompany him in places that you followed.”

According to Elaine, the decision to inherit Paulinho, who died in December last year as a victim of covid-19, will be made in March of next year. “I don’t even know how I’m going to live until then,” he said.

However, the clothing company Nova released a statement after the fallout from the interview and stated that the group is helping the widow on a monthly basis. Eileen and Paulinho have been together for 16 years.

“With regard to Elaine Dias, even in times of a pandemic that has affected everyone’s life and livelihood due to lack of work, she has received a monthly payment as a donation from the band,” the band’s statement read.

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