October 3, 2023

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Was the Bolsonaro Truck Driver Scholarship approved?  What is the benefit amount?

Was the Bolsonaro Truck Driver Scholarship approved? What is the benefit amount?

The Truck drivers strike That stopped Brazil a few years ago showed the power and importance of these workers in the country’s economy. Product shortages in supermarkets, gas companies’ increase in the value of cylinders and high inflation were some of the consequences.

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And a new pause could happen this year, especially after Petrobras’ board of directors warned of a possible shortage diesel for the second semester.

truck driver value

In view of the increase in fuel pricesPresident Jair Bolsonaro (PL) Try to find measures that mitigate the financial impact on the category pocket. And one of the alternatives is trucker bagwhich will cost the Federation budget 1.5 billion Brazilian riyals.

The proposal is to pass a value of up to R$400 to workers. The amount was estimated in line with the spending cap and not inconsistent with the Fiscal Responsibility Act, a factor that would interfere with the president’s re-election bid.

Is truck driver approval the solution?

For economist Fernando Camargo, pushing aid to this category would fit easily into the government’s spending cap, however, it wouldn’t solve the fuel increase problem.

The measure, according to Camargo, will only postpone the problem, which will need to be resolved in the next government. Therefore, this is a very ineffective attempt, which will only keep the problem for a longer time.

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