March 21, 2023

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Watch a video of a paddle fish about 6 meters long found in Chile |  Globalism

Watch a video of a paddle fish about 6 meters long found in Chile | Globalism

Fishermen from the northern city of Arica ChileOn Monday, a paddlefish measuring nearly 6 meters in length was found (11).

This fish is rare and there is a superstition associated with it: Its appearance is said to be associated with natural phenomena such as earthquakes in the near future. This myth spread in 2011 in Japan. Shortly before the tsunami that caused the Fukushima disaster, paddle fish were seen off the coast of the country.

Oarfish lifted by crane in Arica, Chile – Photo: Reproduction / Video

According to the Fomento Institute of Pesca de Chile (IFOP), the presence of the animal on the Chilean coast is very unusual.

This fish is found all over the world, except in the polar regions, says Paulo Ricardo Schwingel, professor of oceanography and a master’s degree in environmental science and technology at Univale, Itajaí (SC).

“It is one of the largest fish on the planet (in terms of length). If we think of groups of bony fish (which exclude cartilaginous fish like sharks), it is the largest on the planet.

According to Schwingel, this is not a fish that swims well. He moves in the ripple of his body. This makes them relatively easy prey for other animals such as sharks.

“There’s a curiosity: the fish that are on the beaches, half already dying, have a very rare property: self-amputation. The body is so long that it eats part of the tail, probably because of starvation,” says Schwingel. This is known because the animal appears with the amputation of the end of the tail. .

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