February 24, 2024

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'He's a kid', Laes criticizes Arthur Aguiar's position

‘He’s a kid’, Laes criticizes Arthur Aguiar’s position

The residents of the lollipop room also resonated The formation of the last wall ofBBB 22″ (TV Globo). Eliezer, Who was saved after winning the round tripTell the other roommates that Arthur Aguiar told him his name He was not sent to the hot seat by the grunge room residents unanimously.

Then Laiss commented on the former rebel’s intention to nominate her. “He’s focused on me and wants to hit Jade too, because I’m close to her. He’s not man enough to go with her. He’s a kid,” the doctor said.

Then Slovenia also commented on the brother. “I think it would change a lot for me.” “He’ll welcome you more, he’s a strategist and he can’t take on his main duties,” said Laiss.

Also commenting on the way the actress questioned her sister’s decision to vote for PA, Liz said, “Tell him like, ‘Don’t you talk all the time about moving the game?'” What will you say next? “.

After a few minutes, Eliezer remembers how the fourth sucker came with the name Jesse, who also ran from the wall back and forth. “I was between DG and Jessi, but I made a mistake because DG referred me.”

Then Laiss replied, “The whole time I said ‘Go to the general manager, go to the general manager’.”

The publicist replied: “Yesterday he called me to talk and said I was in his top 10.”

“So, you didn’t tell me I was with you [Top 10] And who it was,” Laiss said.

“Didn’t I say your name? I mentioned the [quarto] Eliezer said.

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“No, I’m just telling him this. [Eliezer] Open the eye. I wanted him to break his face first like he did today,” the doctor noted.

wall formation

The dynamics of the week surprised the brothers: they were divided into three groups, by lot, and they had to unanimously nominate a participant from another group for the wall. Here’s how the split turned out:

  • The fourth group lollipop Formed by: Laís, Jade, Eliezer, Vinícius Larissa, Brunna, Eslôvenia;
  • grunge room set Featured: Douglas, Paulo Andre, Pedro Scobe, Arthur and Gustavo;
  • Already The group that remained in the sect It was Lena, Thiago, Giselan and Natalia.

The group Lollipop nominated Jessi, while Grunge, after some arguments, sent Eliezer to the hot seat. On the other hand, the confessional group voted for Paolo Andre. In addition to, Gustavo was already on the wall after Brunna answered the big phone Last Friday and send the brother straight to the hot seat.

BBB 22: Brunna, Gustavo and Paulo André on the wall

Photo: Reproduction / Globoplay

All the walls are fortified, except for Bron who was pointed out by the commander, They were eligible to test back and forth. In the end, Eliezer And the Jiseilan They saved themselves and the fifth wall of the edition was formed.

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