April 24, 2024

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We tested Claro's ultra-fast standalone 5G connection

We tested Claro’s ultra-fast standalone 5G connection

I was at the headquarters of naturally To learn about the 5G network SA (independently) for the company, and I was very impressed with what I saw. In tests, it hit a maximum speed of 1.7Gbps, but if I stayed there longer, I think I could have exceeded that value.

Visited at the invitation of Motorola, to test Moto G200 5G connectivity, released today for the sake of the company. In addition to the Moto G200, I took the iPhone 13 (another device I’m evaluating) to test as well, but despite its compatibility, it still doesn’t work with any 5G SA network in Brazil, only on 5G NSA networks. Apple will release an update for the device to connect to SA networks.

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Claro’s independent 5G tests with the Moto G200 / Photo: Nick Ellis

Since the reception of the building, the device was already connected to a 5G network, at a very high speed, approximately 1 Gbps. Upon reaching the test area, the speed increased a lot. In the photo above, it hit 1.5 Gbps, but in tests, the speed was faster.

It is noteworthy that the transmitter was in the room next to the room in which the tests were carried out, to which we did not have access. Anyway, the closer to the wall, the faster the connection, so I think the speed would be higher if I had it in the same room.

5G Standalone Far Outperforms 5G DSS

Claro’s 5G network uses the 3.5GHz frequency band, done by the company in a 5G auction last month for R$338 million (Group B1, and the most wanted).

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Standalone 5G, also known as pure 5G, has a much faster speed 5G DSS, which the company brought to Brazil in a pioneering fashion last year. so do we test Here is Claro’s 5G DSS, but there is no possible comparison between the two.

With 5G SA, in addition to much higher download and upload speeds, it also offers extremely low latency, with a much faster network response.

During the visit, I also spoke with Claro’s Fabio Maeda about the difference between 5G SA and NSA (non-standalone), download speeds, the importance of low latency and the applications of 5G technology, see below.

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