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What is Mirasol's formula for annoying the big players from Sao Paulo and Gremio - 03/03/2022

What is Mirasol’s formula for annoying the big players from Sao Paulo and Gremio – 03/03/2022

success theory football It’s simple for a club just starting out with a little cash on hand: invest in the base, uncover talent, sell and keep the profit. Then repeat. Practice, as we know, is not easy at all. However, some clubs succeed: Mirasol is one of them.

The team from the interior of Sao Paulo made Syndicate His last victim, on Tuesday (1), When to get rid of Tricolor gaucho Give Brazil Cup It is still in the first stage. But it wasn’t the only big match that Liao eliminated: Santos lost to Liao in the match that led to Fabio Carrell’s sacking, due to bolistaw.

In elite football in Sao Paulo since 2017, Mirasol has been preparing for the big games and establishing himself as one of the new forces in the state’s interior. The team has played in the semi-finals of the tournament for the past two years. From 2017 onwards, two semi-final appearances equaled the number of times Santos and Ponte Preta got there.

In 2020, Mirasol eliminated Sao Paulo in the quarter-finals, but fell to Corinthians in the semi-finals. Last year, they faced Guarani in the quarter-finals, after Santos did not qualify, and once again advanced to the semi-finals – when they lost to São Paulo.

It is worth noting that the club had previously been famous for thrashing Palmeiras 6-2 at Paulistau in 2013, but they ended up relegated this season and only returned to the elite in 2017.

The road to success

In the same year that Mirasol returned to the elite of Paulistao, São Paulo conducted the negotiations that changed the club’s nearly century-old history. The sale of the economic rights of striker Luis Araujo to Lille (France) resulted in 6.5 million Brazilian Real in exchange for 20% of the rights held by the internal team when the athlete went to Tricolor São Paulo.

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Funds were invested in the construction of a new and modern training center, which took the Mirassol structure to a completely different level. The club did not stop there.

The first built 20 rooms that housed up to 40 professional athletes were expanded to bring the team’s main focus within the club: the base.

Another 14 rooms were built in CT, each room for 4 players. In total, the stadium houses up to 96 athletes.

Fruit at the base

Investing in key categories began to show clearer results last year. After reaching the round of 16 in Copeña, Mirasol was a runner-up at Sao Paulo’s U-20s, and again did well in this season’s Copina tournament, where he was knocked out by Santos in the quarter-finals in a contentious refereeing duel.

Of that group, three players make up the professional team in Paulistau’s dispute: left-back Frank, midfielder Eduardo and midfielder Cowan. The highlight of the Under-20 team, midfielder Gabriel Tota could increase that number, but he has a “bigger mission”.

The 20-year-old has been traded with Juventus and has scored his first goal for the team at Gauchão. Tota will have the opportunity to compete in the Brazilian League, and who knows, Luiz Araujo repeated and fascinated Mirasol’s account, in which the club retained 50% of the athlete’s economic rights.

In 2020, the club earned just over two million Brazilian reals (480,000 euros) in exchange for selling the rights to striker Felipe Mikael, Coppina’s top scorer, to Berchot (Belgium).

27 years in management

Who runs Mirassol, the homogeneous club and city, is Dr. Edson Ermenegildo (PSDB). President of the club for 27 years, the 2020 Top Hat elected city hall with 42% of the vote. His partner in charge of Leão is businessman Júnior Antunes, who is the club’s general manager and owns a supermarket chain in the area.

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Former player and businessman Deco, of D20 Sports, came to approach the club and invested in the team for about three years, but ended up leaving, and today, Mirassol is walking on its feet.

The audience is there

The good stage of Mirasol succeeded in moving the small town of about 60,000 inhabitants. The club has the sixth best average attendance in this edition of Paulistão, behind only the Big Four and Botafogo – a team from a much larger position. The population of Ribeirão Preto is 720 thousand, which is 12 times more than Mirasol. Average attendance is very similar between the two country clubs: 4,649 people for Botafogo, compared to 4,326 people for Mirasol.

Another good basis for comparison is Red Bull Bragantino. The team that became a national force last season plays in Braganca Paulista, a city of 172,000 but with the third-worst attendance rate in the state: just 1,970 people per game.


The board of directors of Mirasol Club announced, last night (2), the official departure of coach Eduardo Baptista. The club’s captain over the past 18 months, the coach agreed with Juventud and announced that he would manage the team in Serie A, but the parties preferred to expect to leave.

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