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What is the meaning of beige panties in the New Year?  Juliet plays after New Year's Eve curiosity |  towers etc

What is the meaning of beige panties in the New Year? Juliet plays after New Year’s Eve curiosity | towers etc

Yellow, pink, blue, white or red? None of these options! Juliet was in beige pants that she spent last New Year’s Eve.

revelation BBB21 Champion, Code fashion, Person of the Year and earned R$45 million after the show, made the play gain new prominence and become an internet topic.

Of course, beige underwear has become a superstitious darling in service. Did you miss the ride? We explain everything to you and bring you the power of this color!

New Year’s Eve beige pants: Juliette wore them in early 2021 and saw her life change – Photo: Instagram

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One fan wrote, “I’ll be wearing beige panties too, and it costs nothing to try.”

But the question that remains is: What does the color beige mean?

according to chromotherapist do Personare As long as Lima, beige alone has no meaning for color therapy The treatment that establishes through color the balance and harmony between the body, mind and emotions.

“However, being a The combination of brown, white, yellow, and beige bears the symbols of the three colors., explains.

“🤎 Brown brings the energy of security and stability. 💛 Yellow represents financial prosperity, as well as encouraging focus and intelligence. 🤍While white indicates peace and tranquility‘, the specialist states.

“Juliette may have intended security, stability, prosperity, and tranquility at the turn of the year, and by wearing beige underwear, without even knowing the meaning of the color, she reinforced her intentions, which ended up coming true in 2021,” she adds, the color therapist.

Panty color for the New Year? See the meaning of the colors – Photo: Unsplash

Finally, the specialist confirms that more than choosing between yellow, white, blue or beige, what is important is the intention behind it, because it increases its impact and strength of achievement.

It is not only the color of the underwear that is important. Everyone’s success stems from the intent behind color much more than the color itself. If you combine the energy of color with your intent, then yes, you will have the additional strength to make it happen.Solange promotes.

New Year’s Eve lingerie? See the meaning of the colors – Photo: Unsplash

Hence the importance Learn the meaning of colors (look here!) and above all, formulate with awareness, presence and faith New Year’s goals (Check out the tips).

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