October 4, 2023

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Mileide comments on the crash with the artists

Mileide comments on the crash with the artists

tonight atfarm 13 “(RecordTV), while the Russians opposed the farmer’s test, the pedestrians at the headquarters talked about air accidents, when Mailady Mihaly spoke specifically about accidents with musicians.

The topic started when he told MC Gui that a friend of his, a jet pilot, had died in a plane crash and Bell said he had seen the accident report at the time. Then, funkeiro said, he met the friend in question months earlier in Maranhão, when he went to make a show, and offered him a ride. The singer wanted to go to São Paulo, but the pilot was going to Goiania. Gui Araujo wondered if a “small plane” would fly from Maranhão to Goiânia, but MC Gui said it was a plane.

Gui Araujo commented, “Because the men of Goiânia are mad. The madmen carry their little planes everywhere.” “Men go from farm to farm, land in the middle of the forest, on the ground, in a field football‘, she continued.

MC Gui confirmed that the plane he was talking about was a jet plane. That’s when Mileide discussed airline accidents with artists and cited a death country side Gabriel Deniz.

Guys who travel a lot, those people who travel a lot to perform, adjust to a routine so annoying and dangerous, that they think everything is normal. Such was the case with Gabriel Deniz. Every “communication company” wants to get in and go home early. he knows? It cannot be that way. And the artist who is used to being on the road, taking a ride, think that everything is normal and normal. That’s why they end up losing their lives. Maylady Mihaly

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Pedestrians are not informed of Singer Marilia Mendonca, who died at the age of 26 in a plane crash, died earlier this month..

In the sequence, MC Gui said he actually ran into trouble while on a jet flight. According to the singer, during take-off, the left wing of the aircraft was closed on a “net, like a football field”. According to funkeiro, even with the damaged wing, the pilot continued the flight.

“He had to turn the plane off, my dad, the DJ, brought him in. […] As he circled the curve to go up, the plane’s wing locked onto the rail. See who’s crazy pilot or us. By the time we got off, we had to keep pulling the rail. He said: Two pull the net and we push the plane. We were pushing the plane to remove the wing closed in the grille,” he said.

In the ones he took off, he went in there, hit the brakes, and got out. It looked like this, the tip of the wing was torn off, you know? Like, here’s the tip of the wing, things are torn in half, like that. The pilot looked at the man on the track and said, “Hey Chief, is there insulating tape over there?” Man: None. Look, a bunch of threads protruding like that. A few leads up from the inside of the wing, from the plane’s wires. Only it was a King Air, you know. Then the man looked like this, the pilot: “Let’s go, we can go.” MC Gui

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The pedestrians were moved to hear the report from their colleagues in the prison.

“I was,” said Diane.

“God forbid,” Maillade commented.

“I am the co-pilot, I was enjoying the flight, I looked to the side and the pilot was like: [olhando pra trás]. The pilot was like this the whole time [olhando pra trás]Funkeiro continued, adding that the plane is one of the “safest planes in the world”.

It’s the safest plane in the world, King Air, it’s a turboprop jet, but it’s considered the safest plane in the world, because if the engine fails, it slips. keep slipping. MC Gui

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