May 29, 2024

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What is “Trava Zap” and why can those who receive and send them lose their account?

Have you ever heard of messages being received in The WhatsApp Can stop using the device? It is popularly known as “Latch Zap”. Care must be taken because, although this is nothing new, Internet users from time to time update the display of this type of message, which can lead to loss of message history, important information stored on the mobile phone or even account access in the application.

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The most common solution in these cases is to uninstall the phone app then reinstall it again.

This flaw can affect users with Android, iOS, and older phones. It can freeze the phone as a whole, making it necessary in some cases to restart it. It is also worth noting that sending Trava Zap to someone is considered an offense punishable by up to eight years in prison, according to Law No. 14.155 / 2021.

What exactly is Trava Zap?

Trava Zap is a message that aims, literally, to lock a person’s WhatsApp. These messages contain many random, meaningless characters, and it’s exactly the combination of these characters that makes the app crash and not open anymore.

This happens because, in some cases, the device software does not support the content formed from the structure of the sent message.

The most common solution to fix the error is to uninstall the mobile app and install it again, but this can lead to message history lost if your WhatsApp backup is not up to date.

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Message content may vary. The target user of this type of action may receive either a text message with strange characters or, in other cases, a list of contact cards whose names also consist of the same strange characters.

What to do if your WhatsApp crashes

When receiving this type of message, the first guideline is to block the contact who sent the content. After that it is necessary to change the privacy of the groups so that only your contacts can add you to other groups and then delete the content of the unpleasant message, if possible from the computer. This is because the app will crash on the mobile phone.

It is always important to keep an active WhatsApp backup so that you can restore your chat history when you reinstall the app.

The issue of messages crashing WhatsApp is outdated, and the app is always trying to come up with fixes to fix it. Users often send “joking” content to other friends, but this should not be done under any circumstances, since the case entails a serious system failure and can lead to irreparable losses to the recipient and sending the content.