July 19, 2024

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What motivated you to choose Globo?

What motivated you to choose Globo?

47-year-old Tado Schmidt is preparing for a new challenge in his career: taking charge of ‘Big Brother Brazil’, one of TV Globo’s highest-grossing entertainment programmes. The announcement will be made tomorrow at “Fantástico”, an attraction that Tadeu has introduced for the past eight years.

since it was Announcing the departure of Thiago Levert, 41, has been speculated a lot about the possible names for the leadership of “BBB“.A fan favorite was Marcus Mion, who is actually quite experienced after the presentation.”farmRecord unavailable.

Why didn’t Globo listen to the public’s demand?

The first reason is already included in this text. He presented the 2020 version of “The Farm” and his image is still very associated with reality show from the record. In addition, Marcus Mion faces internal resistance within the network. Great programming required great responsibility, and Globo’s top management preferred to trust a presenter who had been part of the cast for a long time.

Tadeu has grown into “Fantástico”, proving that he knows how to deal well with serious issues, but also with interesting subjects and images – like “Gols da Rodada”, where he talks about a tour football From the weekend with lightness and with the help of the “Cavallinos” that conquered the audience. Presented is the guarantee of charisma for all ages, and this satisfies Globo.

It is also worth noting that Tadeu will follow a path similar to what Tiago Leifert and Pedro Bial did. Behind the scenes at the station, his style is believed to be similar to that of previous presenters of realityThe similarities with Pedro Biel are due to their passage through the Fantastic.

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Former BBC Ana Clara Lima, who rose to prominence this year as presenter of Plantau BBC, was the only woman cited for the Leverett vacancy, but she was considered inexperienced at the age of 24.

Tadeu’s name has been circulating as a potential presenter for nearly a month on social networks. The first comments made Globo’s choice awkward, which may make other presenters more identified with the audience. But, after the “Strangeness”, Tadeu received less resistance, and even a crowd and support.

Taddeo Schmidt and the adorable little horses

Photo: reproduction

Maju Coutinho in Fantástico:

With Tadeu Schmidt gone, Fantástico will undergo a rework and will be presented by 43-year-old Maria Julia Coutinho.. The continuation of Poliana Abreta, with whom Schmidt is currently engaged on Sunday, remains uncertain: Behind the scenes, there is talk of the 46-year-old journalist possibly returning to being the network’s international correspondent – before she replaced Renata Vasconcelos on the programme, in 2014. , Polyana worked for two months for the network in New York.

Mago’s place on “Journal Huge” is now occupied by Cesar Tralli, 50, who is leaving SP1 and should continue at GloboNews. There is still no consensus on who will be in charge of the São Paulo newspaper, but Marcelo Cosme, of GloboNews Em Pauta, 41, is a solid name.