June 23, 2024

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Maluma posa para foto no Instagram de óculos escuros, regata e touca brancas

Maluma escapes from a plane crash; Fall kills 4 people in the United States

Maluma He survived a plane crash on a flight that left Atlanta, USA. The 27-year-old Colombian singer, who performed Friday in Orlando, said during the presentation that the plane that departed before it crashed, leaving four dead, is the total number of people on board, according to the artist. He paid tribute to the victims.

All the passengers died and I want to dedicate this moment to these people. “I’m here for you, and thank you to them,” Maluma said during her concert in the United States. The ADMV song was dedicated to those killed in the accident. As a result, the artist’s name was among the most talked about topics on Twitter on Saturday (9).

On Instagram, Maluma commented: “What a crazy and beautiful day. Today I remembered the fragility of life on more than one occasion. Material means nothing after being alive and breathing. I take it all in my heart.”

He followed the message with tips for followers. “Embrace yourself and tell them how much you love them before it’s too late. I really love you guys. Everything you’ve built is beautiful, but it’s worthless without someone to share it with,” The singer is finished.

Celebrities, including Brazilians, commented on the incident. “Guys, and Maluma who missed a flight crashed and killed four people. Man, screaming in fear,” Pokah noted on Twitter. “I was shocked,” digital influencer Tina Costa said.

The situation also excited fans of the Latin star. A Brazilian fan stated on one of the social networks: “My condolences to all the families of the victims of the accident. Maluma, te quiero mucho! Remember to live today as if it were your last and it is never too late.”

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Check out Maluma’s comment during the concert about the accident he escaped from in the US