June 23, 2024

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WhatsApp: The beta update brings a new design to iOS chats

According to the site, the new WhatsApp Beta update for iOS, released this week, mods Messenger chat balloons. WABetaInfo. Update increases the size of chat bubbles, as well as making the edges more rounded and introducing new colors in a darker green.

Some beta testers may not have noticed the change yet. To view the update, WhatsApp must be closed and reopened. The process will allow the application to load and render the new interface. NS WABetaInfo It is believed that the new chat balloons will likely be introduced in the upcoming update 212200 on the App Store.

(Source: WABetaInfo / Reproduction)

The new design was already available in beta for Android devices. In June, in the update to version of the operating system, WhatsApp implemented a new interface for chat balloons with rounded edges. new shades The app was added in beta for Android in August.

Other news

WhatsApp Beta is testing a file news series Which still doesn’t have a history of integrating the stable version of the app, but they could fundamentally change the way users interact with the platform.

The beta messenger features a shortcut to Pay, with an icon with a cipher next to the Attachments button, allowing you to send money to contacts using the WhatsApp Pay system.

To compete with other apps like Telegram and Signal, Facebook is also developing a feature that allows WhatsApp conversations to disappear automatically. The functionality, which aims to give users more privacy, is not yet available for testing.

The app has also started testing a new account reporting system, which adds clarity to the way WhatsApp handles Data collection To analyze conversations that allegedly violate the rules of the platform.

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