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iPhone 13 Pro Max outperforms Galaxy S21 Ultra and battery performance in tests

iPhone 13 Pro Max outperforms Galaxy S21 Ultra and battery performance in tests

After a good evolutionary cycle, the battery iPhone 13 Pro Max He has already proven to be stronger than the brothers in previous years, and now he is shown to be stronger than the opponent’s battery Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra – The current flagship of South Korea – As tested by PhoneBuff Channel.

This week, the cell phone is already there Show that it also outperforms competitors in terms of performance.

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In comparing operations, although Samsung cell phone has a higher capacity battery, Because its screen and resolution are also higher, there is higher battery drain.

The test uses a bot that performs a variety of tasks — such as making calls, sending messages, reading emails, browsing the Internet, spying on Instagram, turning off the screen, watching YouTube videos, playing a game, listening to songs on Spotify, and interacting on Snapchat — to keep devices in constant use for longer. .

In the end, iPhone 13 Pro Max delivers the best results. The Samsung device lost most of the tasks accomplished, using more power than the iPhone in almost all of the scenarios described. In the end, when the S21 Ultra was shut down, the iPhone 13 Pro Max was still running at 25% of battery power.

According to the test applications, in the end, The iPhone was able to withstand a total of 28 hours and 6 minutes of direct use.

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Original Article (9/30/21)

New newly released hardware performance test iPhone 13 Pro Max He pointed out that the release of An apple Benefited in direct comparison with Samsung Galaxy S21 UltraOne of the brand’s best smartphones.

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According to the evaluation PhoneBuff’s YouTube channel, iPhone 13 Pro Max, began to lose to the competitor. Although the, after presenting and Export a video with FilmoraGo, File The flagship Apple has managed to overtake the Galaxy.

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Having taken the lead, the iPhone was able to stay ahead of the Galaxy until the end of the test. However, it should be noted that the difference between the two contenders is not stark.

Hey iPhone 13 Pro Max He won by about seven seconds In the first round of evaluation. In the second test, the distance between the two was only two seconds, but the champ is the champ and Apple got that trophy.

As for the hardware, the iPhone 13 Pro Max is equipped With A15 . processor6 GB RAM 1. The Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra used in the comparison comes with a Snapdragon 888 chip and 12 GB of double memory.

This is not the first test that shows iPhone 13s with A15 Bionic chipset in front of Samsung models. Speedometer reviews have indicated that Apple’s hardware is almost three times faster than the Galaxy S21 lineup.

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