June 21, 2024

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While Arthur slumbers, the brothers shake hands with Natalia on Sapucaí TV News

While Arthur slumbers, the brothers shake hands with Natalia on Sapucaí TV News

Globo has released images of the first day of performances given by the special group to samba schools in Rio de Janeiro for the confined. BBB 22, but Arthur Aguiar did not see the bustle. tired after endurance test, The actor preferred to sleep through the night. The other three semi-finalists were thrilled with Natalia Diodato’s passage down the boulevard.

Their former teammate in confinement came as the highlight of Beija-Flor, the last club to pass through the Marquês de Sapucaí, at the end of Saturday morning (23). At the end of the program on Friday (22), Tado Schmidt warned the brothers that Natalya would be showing a parade.

“You will be watching the school show in Rio de Janeiro. It will start right away. Nat[ália Deodato] The parade will be a milestone in Beija-Flor,” the BBB 22 commander told.

The brothers celebrated, especially Douglas Silva, who watched all the parades and only left the front of the TV during smoking breaks. Eliezer Netto and Paulo André Camilo stayed in the living room and slept a little, as they were also tired after the endurance test.

However, all three were up to honor Natalia. They shouted and used the cell phone at home to take pictures with the TV and record the moment. “She deserves it,” said Elle, who was in a relationship with the mining woman on the reality show.

Meanwhile, Arthur fell asleep. As soon as Tadeu said goodbye to the house, he went to the grunge room and asked Paulo Andre to wake him up when he sang Beija-Flor. “This goes on all morning, I can’t stand it,” justified the former Malhasau.

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Arriving in the room, Aguiar spoke to the audience before resting: “Guys, I’m going to lie down. I have a lot of headaches, tiredness and sadness. Sorry, but there’s no way to be happy. I didn’t want to go to this Paredão at all.. Anyway, That’s it. There’s nothing to do. I really wanted to get that spot in the final. I don’t know if that’s even possible. I’m sorry to everyone who was rooting for me. I did my best.”

After about three hours of sleep, Myra Cardi’s husband went back to the living room, ate popcorn, followed about 15 minutes of rallies and went back to sleep.