May 19, 2024

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Who is entitled to a petrol allowance up to 300 BRL?

Who is entitled to a petrol allowance up to 300 BRL?

increase in price gasoline The products sold by Petrobras refineries have prompted many Brazilians to abandon their cars. The problem is that a lot of people depend on it for work, as in the case of app drivers, taxi drivers, and motorcycle taxi drivers.

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When analyzing this scenario, the Federal Senate decided to approve Bill 1.472/2021. The text provides, among other things, to advance petrol allowance From 100 riyals to 300 Brazilian riyals.

General Petrol Aid

According to the proposal, the beneficiaries of the program Brazil Aid It will have priority in payments. To receive the benefits, a citizen must have a monthly household income of up to three minimum wages, as well as be part of one of the following groups:

  • Drivers with a motorcycle license (ACC) or motorcycles up to 125 cc: benefit of R$100;
  • Self-employed individual transport drivers, including taxi drivers, chauffeurs, drivers or pilots of small boats with engines up to 16 HP and applied motorcyclists: a benefit of R$300.

Given that those registered with Auxílio Brasil will have priority, the family must also be registered with cad unique And you have a monthly income of 210 BRL per person. These are the eligibility criteria for the social program.


This measure sparked a lot of controversy, especially given its enormous financial impact. “I find it very difficult [a aprovação]. “It has a tremendous financial impact,” said the Chamber’s first vice president, Marcelo Ramos.

In addition, many parliamentarians argue that the audience in the program should be different, since the beneficiaries of Auxílio Brasil usually do not have the means. Because of the controversy surrounding the project, the gasoline allowance in the House of Representatives could be postponed.

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