May 30, 2024

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Who is entitled to receive it as of January?

Who is entitled to receive it as of January?

PIS/Pasep, whose payment was supposed to start in July of this year, has been pushed back to 2022. It was a way the government found to fund BEM (Employment and Income Preservation Emergency Program).

Those who worked 30 days or 12 months in the base year and received up to minimum wage are entitled to PIS/Pasep Salary Bonus. PIS is aimed at those working in the private sector and Pasep is aimed at public employees.

The worker will get the salary bonus out of the current minimum wage or according to the length of employment.

See who will receive PIS/Pasep in January?

One of the main rules for receiving a salary bonus is to register in PIS / Pasep.

The amount is paid according to the working time during the current year with an official contract.

Official contract workers withdraw their money at Caixa Econômica Federal and civil servants in Banco do Brasil. Use the citizen card and password.

For people who do not have a citizen card, they will have access to the funds by going to the Caixa branch, taking their business card and an official document with a photo.

double payment

There is hope on the part of the workers that the salary bonus will be paid double next year, because the government should already pay the base year 2020, however, this payment will only start in January 2022. Base 2021, it is not yet known whether it will be Pay it off in the second half of next year or if it will stay for 2023.

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See how much the worker should receive according to the working time. paying off:

  • 1 working month: R$100;
  • 2 months of work: R$200;
  • 3 months of work: R$300;
  • 4 months of work: R$400;
  • 5 months of work: R$500;
  • 6 months of work: R$600;
  • 7 months of work: R$700;
  • 8 months of work: R$800;
  • 9 months of work: R$ 900;
  • 10 months of employment: R$1,000;
  • 11 working months: R$1,100;
  • 12 working months: 1,200 Rls

Remember that these values ​​may change because they are based on the expectation of an increase in the minimum wage. According to forecasts, the adjustment should be about R$ 1,200.