May 19, 2024

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Will Pix stop?  See the position of the Central Bank amid the strike of civil servants

Will Pix stop? See the position of the Central Bank amid the strike of civil servants

last Friday (1), Central bank servers have started an indefinite strike. In a note, the National Union of Central Bank Employees (SENAL) reported that the strike had affected services such as Pix. The The monetary authority denied the hypothesis that Pix would stop.

Will Pix stop? See the central bank’s stance amid the civil servants’ strike (Photo: Montage/FDR)

The decision to implement the strike came after a hypothetical meeting, on March 26, with the President of the Central Bank, Roberto Campos Neto. The Executive Director of Budget Servers noted the political difficulties of granting the expected adjustment.

In addition to Senal, this meeting was attended by the National Confederation of Technicians of the Central Bank of Brazil (SinTBacen) and the National Association of Analysts of the Central Bank of Brazil (ANBCB).

According to CENAL President Fabio Fayyad, From the first day of the strike, there will be respect for the Basic Services Act. Among these, there are account statements provision, counter withdrawals, and check clearing.

The central bank informed that Pix should not be affected by the strike

As indicated by the guild, the services such as pix system can be affected. This is because they are not part of this scope of the Basic Services Act. Anyway, the file The central bank denied that services it considered important, such as Pix, were interrupted by the strike.

In a note, the Monetary Authority announced that registration and other functions involving Pix keys (deletion and portability) are done through the applications of participating institutions and are automatically recorded in the central bank systems.

The central bank also clarified that key registration does not depend on servers’ intervention. According to the organization, instant settlement of operations is also automated. So, No reliance on manual intervention.

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The monetary authority says it does not provide information that Pix will be interrupted at times or in part. The organization assures that the payment system continues to function without interruption.

BC reinforced what it had already informed before the start of the strike, i.e. “Recognize the right of civil servants to promote organized demonstrations; They trust the servers’ historic dedication and have contingency plans in place to keep the population’s vital systems running.”

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