June 16, 2024

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'Will take C*' · TV news

‘Will take C*’ · TV news

Elisa Vagundez and Hudson Neri, also known as Hadapala, rebelled after being ousted from Prova dos Casais do Brazil Power Couple 6. Since they have the largest balance in the joint account, Brenda Picasso and Matthews Sampaio were able to contest another couple of dynamics that will be recorded on Tuesday (5th). “I just don’t want anyone wanting to chat, I’m going to tell everyone to turn away and take their ass. Go and take their ass,” BBB’s ex-wife fired.

Brenda and Matthews vetoed After the men’s trial is over. Since they consider the competitors to be strong, influencers chose to take them out of the fight for the title of Strongest Couple of the Week.

Alone in the room, Elisa and Hadbala thought about the situation. “I’m not going to talk to Brenda and Matthews, no,” the former player promised. “Me too, I have nothing to talk to them about,” Hudson’s partner continued.

In another part of the conversation, a BBB 20 participant highlighted that the couple could have vetoed other reality rivals. “Show which side he’s standing on. Which side he chose. Good.”

“I won’t pick anyone’s team, I’ll choose our game. Whatever’s best for us, we’ll do it. Go take your ass, I don’t have anything to talk to with anyone here. I’m a joint-charged,” concluded Elisa.

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